Chicago/Lake Michigan Indiana Day 1

Day 2 in Chicago. Forgot to post day 1; so here is day 1! Yesterday we flew into Chicago and drove to Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore on Michigan Lake in Indiana.  It was about an hour out of the city…the dunes were intense, we explored the trails did a 3.5 mile hike through the dunes and did the 3 dune challenge.  (Trudging through sand in the woods is a lot different then hiking on the ground in the woods lol).  The weather was perfect and the lake looked like the ocean it was amazing.  It was super hot out so cooling down in the water was great.  We were able to see straight to the bottom and the advantage I found over the ocean is a) no rocks b) no coral jabbing me in the foot c) no sharp shells!!! It was soft on the feet and that felt great!! Felt like I was in South Beach, Miami with the crowd that flocked there.

That evening we were back in Chitown!✌🏻️ 

Had a nice dinner on the Chicago river and then went for a walk down to Navy Pier.  I ❤️ it here.  Navy Pier was beautiful, lots of bars and drinking with a view of course of Lake Michigan! We soared above the city on the Ferris wheel and the city at night was gorg of course! It reminds me of Boston here…day 2 to follow!!:) 


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