Chicago trip

Trying to keep up with posting about my trip isn’t as easy as I thought so instead of day by day we’ll do a recap instead😉. 

So one if the best things I ever did was “urban kayaks”…we got to kayak on the Chicago River through the urban landscape and see all the skyscrapers.  Who would’ve thought you could combine nature and city life like that?!  It was SUCH a workout and my forearms and shoulders were sore, we did it for 2 hours!  It’s a great way to stay active on vacation without going to a gym (Although I used the gym at the hotel a few days)😁. 

The “corn cob” buildings have a few patio restaurants overlooking the river and we spotted Dick’s Last Resort so we decided to check it out after kayaking.  It was a fun experience to have servers acting like “dicks” and writing rude things on hats for us.  But the whole reason we came to Chicago was for the Cubs game.  Brian’s birthday present!  We took the subway to Wrigley and bar hopped at Cubbies and sluggers.  Sluggers was awesome, we met cool people, drank and hit balls in the batting cages while we pre gamed.  Wrigleyville was a great time and the game was an experience to remember.  

Of course we didn’t miss out on both of the sky high viewing opportunities…we did sky deck ledge and 360 Chicago in th John Hancock building;  obviously saw the bean and the other touristy spots.  Chicago kind of reminds me of a combination of Boston and Newport, very clean, lots to see and do, water and tall buildings, we will definitely be back!😀🏙


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