Bolton Notch State Park

A few weeks ago my sister and I decided to check out Bolton Notch State Park in Bolton, CT…we really wanted to see that iconic rock painted like a flag.  Now the directions on how to get there and where to pull in were not too clear…you basically have to do a U-turn back on the highway in the other direction and then the entrance will come up like a hidden driveway on the right.  Another thing that was made unclear is which trail you take to get to this rock.  We started walking down the obvious trail than came to a part where lots of colors are marked and thought oh no! What now!  Luckily we found a local who told us take the yellow trail and showed us the entrance.  The yellow trail is labeled Mohegan trail.  We were hiking on that trail for a while and it didn’t seem like we were coming up on any cliffs but just further into the woods….so we turn around and head down an unmarked trail…we see rocks and graffiti!!!! Yes! This must be it…but nope, it was just a ledge with a pretty view of the land and highways afar and random graffiti (which was cool anyways, some skulls, random words).  We kept going and found another dead end and maybe the caves they say exist here.  It was getting close to the time we needed to leave so we headed back and on the way back I noticed another unmarked trail but marked with more graffiti. We said screw it lets see if this is it we didn’t want to leave without seeing what we came to see!  Ahhh it was the right path right in the beginning of the hike where we started LOL.  It really was spectacular and hopefully my recollection of how to get there will help others!


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