4th of July at the Block

I’m so happy I got to spend the 4th of July on my favorite little island–Block Island.  We spent the night before in Narragansett and took the first ferry over in the morning.  The weather was perfect, plenty of sunshine and blueskies.  We always rent bikes when we go, and this time was no different…except that I decided I wanted a more rugged bike, that I could barely hop on and off of it, it had no kickstand, and my backpack was weighing down the basket into the tire (ghetto bike but still a great time).  There are so many hills that I got a great workout and worked up a sweat, enough that I went into the cold water at Ballard’s beach.  We biked the entire island and stopped at one of our favorite places–Mohegan Bluffs.  This is also a workout to get to.  I counted 140 something stairs to get down (didn’t write it down so I forgot the exact number of stairs).  The view is incredible from the top and from the bottom.

I found out about a helicopter tour “Heliblock” by searching hashtags on Instagram.  It was the 3rd day of their business venture being open so I was happy to have found it on their opening weekend.  I felt like a pilot with the headsets on and chillin in the front seat.  We got to soar with the doors off and saw the entire island from above.  Trying new things always gets me excited, especially when they turn out great.  At first i was afraid to take pictures because I didn’t want my phone to go flying out the open door and into the ocean, but I managed to get some great shots!  It’s a quick ride but he takes you up high and down closer to the ground and it’s cool to see the island from a different perspective…nothing looks so big anymore up there…you can see for miles–Long Island, Fire island, the Rhode Island coast…it was awesome.We enjoyed our expensive cocktails in a pineapple at Ballard’s(got knocked out $20 a pop), but screw it it’s the 4th why not live a little??  One of my favorite beach activities is always people watching.  So many drunk people acting like idiots.  We got our tan on and relaxed for a while.

The Spring House has great martinis and a view that looks like a scene out of the great gatsby.  I got a blueberry lemonade cocktail this time instead and took in the view before dinner and our ferry ride back.  Dinner was at the Beachhead restaurant, the food there never disappoints.  We met Captain Morgan on our way out…got a little Captain in ya?



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