Throwback to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic 

 When we travel we like to find experiences and cool places that we don’t get to see everyday.  On my bucket list for our Punta Cana trip last August I wanted to see a cave, see a beautiful waterfall, visit a few islands, and then take it day by day with other activities.  We took the boogie ride to Playa Macao and saw how they make coffee, and stopped by the “Caiva Taina” (below) (cave).

boogie ride

cave in the dominican

samana, DR

bacardi beach


our private cabana at Chic Punta Cana

saona island

I shared a picture of Cascada Limon in Samana, DR today and it made me want to share some more.  Saona island was beautiful but all the tourists take away from its beauty…not that I wasn’t a tourist but when you envision a private island you don’t envision hundreds of other people on the island.  On the other hand, when we went to Cayo Laventado in Samana, the island they call Bacardi beach because a Bacardi commercial was filmed there, it was more remote and private. It’s harder and further to get to so less touristy.  We took a small plane over the mountains. See below.

Then a ride through the mountains, a hike through a rainforest and a horseback ride, then a boat ride to the island.  Needless to say, you get what you pay for:-) pay more to be taken to more remote places, it makes for an enjoyable experience.  I love being able to #travel and see the world. #wanderlust #takemeback


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