We Picked Anthony’s Nose

•Pun intended•

Brian taking in the view

I’ve been dying to go to Bear Mountain State Park and was glad to finally have a perfect Sunday (minus the 90+ degree temps) to go hiking up the mountain. We parked in a small lot along the bend or the road and started our hike along the Camp Smith Trail. (Named because the National Guard uses the other side of the trail for training exercises. 

trail sign

Camp Smith Trail

start of the hike

Although the terrain was pretty steep and there were a lot of cliffs and overlooks, I would say that the hike was pretty steady most of the way up.  We worked up a good sweat and got a great workout in.  I think the heat helped.  The first overlook you get to see the bridge but it’s a further view. 

first overlook

We continued up the mountain, and when we reached Anthony’s Nose the views were incredible!!  And I couldn’t believe all the people up there….people eating lunch, seemed like a summer camp was on top of the mountain LOL! If you’re looking for privacy you’re not going to find it, but you are going to get to see mountains and rolling hills for miles. It was gorgeous.

Bear Mountain Bridge

look at that view!!

side view of bear mountain view

view from under the bear mountain bridge

We were glad we picked Anthony’s Nose;)

…then we topped off the evening with a lovely lobster dinner!

lovely lobster


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