Happy Halloween!! I haven’t posted in months, but I Love Halloween and I wanted to share some of this years costumes. I like to be creative and make them myself.  But first, my first Halloween ever only 2 weeks old.:-)

This year I went as Barbie on Friday. I always want to be Barbie on Halloween, I just haven’t done it and his year I was like why not?? I’m blonde right now, might as well!!

Some hot pink accessories and boom! Barbie is complete.  

I was Beyond excited over my couple’s costume with Brian, I made us into zombie bride and groom…the costumes came out sooooo good I wish I had somewhere else to go with it! (Maybe next year again!). Making the costume was so fun!  I got Brian a white dress shirt and then I got to play with paint.  I felt like a kid again painting my hands red and then running them down the white shirt to create blood stains.  I also used a little bit of black and brown to make it look a little dirty.  I got the scissors out, created some tears and rips and went to town!πŸ˜€πŸ˜„.

I also made that veil and bouquet of flowers above.  I was obssessed with how our makeup came out, I made us look dead and popped in some scary ass contacts from spookyeyes online.  I had red hairspray I made us wild and tattooed and painted some blood on us.

I loved this vintage wedding dress, and I wrapped some “mummy” gauze around us too.

By the end of the night I had one contact…which was creepy and worked.(and my favorite snapchat filters).

For work I popped on red horns, a devil stick some cute bats on my face and voila! I am a devil.

Why will you never see Satan in an Armani suit??….Because the devil wears Prada!


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