Circle B Bar Reserve

Last week we went to Lakeland, Florida through Easter weekend and I am so excited about the awesome place we found to go hiking.  Whenever I travel somewhere new, I like to Google and then further search Instagram hashtags to find fun, unique places to see.  When I found Circle B, all the photos I came across were so beautiful–images of sunsets and sunrises, gorgeous Spanish moss hanging from the trees, a variety of wildlife such as birds, snakes, turtles, fish and even alligators!!!!  I thought “oh, it would be nice to spot an alligator”. 

So I dragged my Fiancé, Brian, down there. It was about 40 minutes until sunset so we started a quick walk down the alligator alley trail.  I was actually surprised that as soon as we turned the corner toward that trail we spotted a large alligator just hanging out in the swamp.  We walked a little further, got to see the sunset over the swamp and lake behind it, then we ran back to our car because it was now dark.

We were so excited that we found an alligator and wanted to go back the next day (Easter), so we went and did 2 different loops around a pond and a lake which was about 5.25 miles.  Not only did we get our exercise in, but we literally saw soooo many alligators, different sizes, different colors, hiding in different places, bathing in the sun, and some swimming in the water.  It was crazy to me that we were able to just go there and be so close to them.  They had signs that read “Alligators have the right of way”.  Luckily, none were trying to cross the paths we were on, they were happy in their swamp. 

I love being able to go to new places that are so different than the places I am able to go to on a daily basis, the different plants and trees and pretty to look at, and I am able to enjoy that while also getting exercise in on the road.

I highly recommend checking this place out if you’re ever in that area!! It’s completely worth it!!!:-) 


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